Group different radiators for semantic models


i have two physical radiators in my livingroom and usually i wanna control them both at once … so when i change temepratur, both should be set.

How to “model” this correctly/best in openhab?

I have different channels for each thermostat and created items for them …

Yes, i could set up a rule, but wouldn’t this be too complicated?
especially i would like to have it correctly in the semantic model, so that as a user i just see the room temperature when i am in the “location view” but in “devices view” i wanna see them as single devices so that i can control each separately.

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There really is no “correctly” but there are some good options, depending on what you want out of the model.

The semantic model is not going to remove the necessity to write rules or other configurations. All the semantic model does is change where and how some of your Items appear on the automatically generated parts of the overview page in MainUI. If you need to keep multiple Items in sync, the model is not going to do anything for you.

I would probably model with a parent equipment and make each individual radiator be a subequipment under that. I’d probably create a Group Item for the setpoints of each with a MIN or MAX aggregation function. Any command sent to that Item will be forwarded to all it’s members, giving you a way to control both. This Item would be a member of the parent equipment.

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