Group in Sitemap is empty

I want to combine all items in a Group. Unfortunately, the LivingRoom sitemap comes out as empty.

Items file

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gLights "All Lights"
Group gLivingRoom "Living Room"

Dimmer dim_LivingLight  "Living Room [%.1f]"  (gLights, gLivingRoom) {channel="blah"}
Dimmer dim_BedRoomLight "Bed Room [%.1f]" (gLights)   {channel="blah"}
Switch sw_BedRoomLight <light> (gLights, gLivingRoom) {channel="blah"}

and a sitemap

sitemap default label="House"

Frame label="Rooms" {
Group item=gLivingRoom

Any idea why the sw_BedRoomLight is not shown in the Group?

maybe relevant:

Thank you. Restarting did the trick

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credit to @rlkoshak

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Hey @trumee I see you changed the Title to [Solved] but for the System your Topic is still open.
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I did that :slight_smile:
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