Group info not showing from thing

Since I have to start with a fresh install of Opehab I decided to “streamline” some of my stuff within my system. One of those is to allow for the system to auto update the sitemap when a new Item is added.

So my Structure is as follow (Groups)

> Group 	system	  "System Info"	           <rpi>	
> Group sOFF          "SonOff Items"   		 <sonoff1>          (system) 
> Group 	mgsR 	  "Geyser"	                <sonoff1>		(sOFF)	
> String maingeaserctr_Reachable 		"Geyser: Status [%s]"				<network> 		(mgsR)		{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:maingeaserctr_Reachable" }

and a couple of other items.

What I would like to do is add some data to the group items so that I dont need to open the open the group. Exsample would be that each sonoff group shows its LWT status as the -Group mgsR .

What I have tried is to add the binding to the group but I get a to UNDEF error and the string “Online” does not show.
This is what I have tried.

Group 	mgsR 				"Geyser [%s]"						<sonoff1>		(sOFF)				{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:maingeaserctr_Reachable" }

Is this even possible?
Best regards

It is possible.
On my phone right now.
Read the docs for the group items

Thank you for responding but I cant seem to find my error. If I send text payload to the group item it does update to that but then goes back to the UNDEF on update so something in the setup is wrong or I am interpreting the info incorrectly.
If you dont mind will you have a look at the syntax?

I don’t think you can update the state of a Group Item. Group state is meant to reflect state of its members.

Not sure what you mean there, is it something to do with sitemaps? If so, don’t use group, use an Item

Text item=someStatusItem label="click to see more" {
   Text item=thistem
   Text item=thatItem

I have managed to get some of the group items to work take the weather station group.

Here the group items;

Group 	GWeth		"Weather			[%.2f °C ]"		<weather1>						{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:weather:outsidetemp" }
Group 	GWethin		"Weather Inside		[%.2f °C ]"		<weather1>			(GWeth)		{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:weather:insidetemp " }
Group 	GWethout	"Weather Outside	[%.2f °C ]"		<weather1>			(GWeth)		{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:weather:outsidetemp" }

and on the sitemap
// Weather System

Frame {	
Group 	item=GWeth 

Some screen shots of how the are working

But if I do the same with the SonOff items it does not work

// SonOff Items File
Group sOFF “SonOff Items” (system) [“SonOff”]
Group sStat “SonOff Items Status” [“SonOff”]

// Flat Security Light
Group flS 							"Flat Security Light [%d %%] "			<sonoff1>	(sOFF)					{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_RSSI" }
Switch Flat_Security	 			"Flat Security Light" 								(out_lights, Lights,flS){ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security" }
String Flat_Security_Reachable 		"Flat Security Light: Status [%s]"		<network> 	(flS,sStat)				{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_Reachable" }
Number Flat_Security_RSSI 			"Flat Security Light: RSSI [%d %%]"		<network> 	(flS)					{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_RSSI" }
Number Flat_Security_vcc 			"Flat Security: Vcc  [%.2f v]"			<energy>	(flS)					{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_vcc" }
String Flat_Security_uptime 		"Flat Security: Uptime [%s]"			<timer>		(flS)					{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_uptime" }
String Flat_Security_ip				"Flat Security: ip [%s]"				<ipicon1> 	(flS)					{ channel="mqtt:topic:mainBroker2018:sonoffs:Flat_Security_ip" }

In the log I can see that the value is sent but it does not change

2019-01-07 22:18:46.514 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - flS changed from NULL to UNDEF through Flat_Security_vcc

2019-01-07 22:18:46.533 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - flS changed from 24 to UNDEF through Flat_Security_RSSI

2019-01-07 22:19:06.601 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - flS changed from 28 to UNDEF through Flat_Security_RSSI

2019-01-07 22:19:16.611 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - flS changed from 28 to UNDEF through Flat_Security_RSSI

I can only assume that I am doing something silly

There was some discussion about this on another thread as to whether it is valid and allowed to assign a binding config to a Group. It is certainly a rare case. I know for sure there are problems using the Expire binding with a Group.

Typically, as rossko57 indicated, the state of a Group is intended to be the aggregation of all of it’s members. So the way you are trying to use Groups is a not standard.

Look at those logs again.

fls is changing from 24 to UNDEF **through Flat_Security_RSSI. This is changing the Group’s state to UNDEF because one of it’s members is changing to UNDEF. This is the problem you will face.

The proper way to implement this is to fully define your sitemap instead of trying to use Group. You have no customization or control when you use Group anyway so you will eventually need to fully lay it out anyway.

Text item=Flat_Security_RSSI {
    Switch item=Flat_Security

After attempting various ways to manipulate the Group , I can “report” that it is quite unstable. On “first level” of a group it works quite well . But the moment you go to 2nd or 3rd level it becomes bad. If you setup the group item in a certain order it sometimes work but hard to replicate. So I gave up on the idea. The good new is that I learned quite a lot from all of this so time well spent. Thank you for all the help.

I Agree than in order to have proper controle over that site map it is the correct way to go. Personally I have a system tab where all the different systems are placed to gether for debuging purposes. The idea is that when you add a new sonoff device it will show automaticly in the system tab and there after you will allocate it within the sitemap to its correct place.