Group item function

Just downloaded the latest image for OH2 on Sunday and installed it. I’m playing with HABPanel at the moment to turn a group of lights on and off. It kind of works but the icon on my switch for the group doesn’t toggle it. So if all the lights are off and I click the icon, all the lights come on but the icon stays showing “Off”. If I then refresh, the icon shows as “On” and I can turn the group off.

The bit I’m not sure about is the “All OFF —> OFF else ON” bit. What do I need to set that to? I just want a simple switch to toggle the group.

That’s PaperUI’s description of the OR(ON,OFF) function described here, which is nearly as impenetrable about what it does.

You’ll want to give your Group a type of Switch, and the function as above will set it’s state ON if any members are ON; otherwise set it’s state to OFF