Group Item icon on OH3 UI

I am quite a new user to OH3 and new User Interface.
I have several roller shutters at ground floor but in different rooms.My intention is to display one Item which controls all of them directly in the location tab.

I have created one group Item with three members (items for each roller shutter

Unfortunately when i go to the Ground Floor tab I see the item group and underneath each of the roller shutter item (members).

  1. How to make the item control visible in the Ground Floor tab instead of item group?

  2. How to make UNDEF, defined as OPEN or Close (depends on the actual status of the roller shutters. One is not closed → OPEN, one is not open → CLOSED)

Snapshot of my Model

Set a custom “default list item widget” metadata on the Group Item configured to appear and control the group as desired.

It depends on the widget but you’ll probably need to use an expression (see Building Pages - Components & Widgets | openHAB).

You would also need to define group aggregation method, so that the group will show min/max/avg position of all child items.

Although based on the screenshot of your model, it seems that your blinds should be part of two groups: e.g. blind control kitchen belongs to kitchen roller shutters and should belong to ground floor roller shutter.

An item can be part of as many groups as you want, there is no limitation in general. However for the semantic model there is a limitation, that only one of the parent group should be included into the sematic model and all other parent groups have to be non -semantic

Thank you! Works exactly how I wanted to

In this case the “UKNOWN” disappears and solves my second problem

This sounds complicated.

Indeed I noticed that trying to assign one item in different groups (locations). Thank you for the hint on non-semantic model. I will try this part.