Group item visibility?

So I know we can set visibility on things inside the sitemap, but what about when items are part of a group? I have a couple dimmer switches where they have an on/off, and when on a slider for them shows. But, I would like to move these items into a group to reduce clutter, but still maintain this functionality. Is there some easy way to do this, or will I have to mess around with creating rules if an item is in a group?

Group GR_Living_Room
Switch LR_Foyer “Foyer” (GR_Living_Room) { channel=“zwave:device:ba899574:node3:switch_binary” }
Switch LR_Main_Switch “Main” (GR_Living_Room) { channel=“zwave:device:ba899574:node4:switch_dimmer” }
Dimmer LR_Main_Dimmer “Main” (GR_Living_Room) { channel=“zwave:device:ba899574:node4:switch_dimmer” }
Switch LR_Fireplace_Switch “Window” (GR_Living_Room) { channel=“zwave:device:ba899574:node2:switch_dimmer” }
Dimmer LR_Fireplace_Dimmer “Window” (GR_Living_Room) { channel=“zwave:device:ba899574:node2:switch_dimmer” }

sitemap myHome label=“Home”
Frame label=“Living Room Lights” {
Switch item=GR_Living_Room label=“Living Room” mappings=[OFF=“Off”, ON=“On”]
Switch item=LR_Foyer label="Foyer"
Switch item=LR_Main_Switch label="Main"
Switch item=LR_Fireplace_Switch label="Fireplace"
Slider item=LR_Main_Dimmer label=“Main” visibility=[LR_Main_Switch==“ON”]
Slider item=LR_Fireplace_Dimmer label=“Fireplace” visibility=[LR_Fireplace_Switch==“ON”]
Frame label=“test” {
Group item=GR_Living_Room label=“Living Room”

When you add an Items to the sitemap from a Group using the Group element, you have no control over how the Items get displayed. It uses what ever the Item label and icon are set to and you cannot use visibility, MAPPINGS, color, or any other customization. If you have any customization of Items, you must add them to the sitemap individually.

You can put them into a subframe using the Frame element after a Text element:

Text item="Foo" {
        Switch item="...
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Well that’s a bummer. Subframes are definitely nice, but after you get a ton of switches, it makes for a long list in Habdroid. But, its not the end of the world, as it still makes it nice and organized. Thanks.

I don’t think you quite understand how my example above works. It is essentially the same behavior as Group. You click on “Foo” and it opens a new frame with everything in the curly brackets. You are not forced to have EVERYTHING on one page.

My fault, I was thinking that was just the same thing as my Frame label=“Living Room Lights” {
If ‘Text item=“Foo” {’ works like a expand/collapse, that’d be perfect. Will try it out tonight after work.

I just used this format for a couple wemo light switches. Is it possible to change the icon of the text element if only 1 of the two lights are on?

This is what I have right now.

Text item=“Basement Lights” icon=“switch” label=“Basement Lights”
Switch item=Mancave_Lights
Switch item=Gym_Lights

Create a Group and use the Group as the item=

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gBasementLights <switch> "Basement Lights"

Text item=gBasementLights {

Your two light switches must be members of the group.

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perfect thank you!