Group Item Window for ContactSensor

I would like to use the “ContactSensor” type for my windows from Apple home because the window type is for motorized windows.
Now I have the problem that the group needs a status. ON / OFF by default the group is null but yes does anyone have a solution here? I want to use the group because I also want to pass the optional parameters like battery status.

As far as I know your group members need to be of the same type (e.g. als being contacts) to be able to consolidate the status as a group status.
A group alone can not decide which items to consider and which to ignore. Example: A group of “apples”, “timestamp” and “air pressure measures” can not consolidate to “pieces”.
Did you try adding your window contacts into a separate group without the battery etc.?
Do this for the battery level as well and you should be good to go.
For e.g. my lights I’ve created a group per room and added the status items. Then these groups where added to floor groups being finally consolidated into a global group. This group is now a point in my model and it works fine.

Yes, I also have groups for windows and for batteries. But look at the Apple documentation. Here it is used differently and batteries must be a sub-item :frowning:

you dont need to have state at group level.

add following homekit metadata
group → homekit =“ContactSensor”
WohnzimmerFensterlinks_StateContact → homekit = “ContactSensorState”
battery → homekit =“BatteryLowStatus”

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