Group Items in Sitemap of Openhab App

Maybe something easy for you all:

I´d like to group some Items in the openhab app. Would like to have all thermostats in one group to switch them from Automatic to manual with only one switch or slider.
How can i do this?

Put them into a group :slight_smile:

Group:Switch Thermostats

Switch thermostat_1 "Thermostat 1 [%s]" (Thermostats) {...}
Switch thermostat_2 "Thermostat 2 [%s]" (Thermostats) {...}
Switch thermostat_3 "Thermostat 3 [%s]" (Thermostats) {...}

If you need a Number Item for switching from Automatic to manual (depends on your Thermostat) you will have to define the group accordingly. You then can use the group item like a normal item, i.e. use it in a rule or on a sitemap (not as a group but as a switch or number item)

Thank you Udo :wink: