Group Items not reflecting state in Sitemap

So I setup a Group Item to reflect all lights on a floor:
Group:Switch SF_Lights "Upstairs Lights" <light>

In my SItemap, I’ve tried both:

Switch item=SF_Lights icon="light"


Group item=SF_Lights label="Upstairs Lights" icon="light"

But neither item in Sitemap shows the accurate status of the group. First off, when Sitemap starts up it always shows the lights on for both items even if all are off. If I use the switch item to turn them all off, then the icons change. Then if I go in and turn on a single light the icons still show all items as off.

I’m not sure if there is a broader issue here given Sitemap initially shows all items on even if they are off, or it’s specific to the Group Items.

Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated.