Group LED Color, Dimmer and Power

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Docker
    • openHAB version: 3.2.0
  • Issue of the topic: Controlling multiple LED drivers via Group

Hey there,
I am currently upgrading from openHAB2 to openHAB3.
I have a few LED drivers from MagicHome via the Wifi LED binding and I want to group them together so that Power, Color and Dimmer can be set / adjusted for all those LED drivers.

At the moment I am using it like this:

//LED Streifen
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) Garten_LED_Strips_Power “Garten LED Strip Power”
Switch GartenLEDStrip1Power “Garten LED Strip 1 Power” (Garten_LED_Strips_Power) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:18B905C5F641:power”}
Switch GartenLEDStrip2Power “Garten LED Strip 2 Power” (Garten_LED_Strips_Power) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A0F74:power”}
Switch GartenLEDStrip3Power “Garten LED Strip 3 Power” (Garten_LED_Strips_Power) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A1212:power”}

Group:Color:OR(ON, OFF) Garten_LED_Strips “Garten LED Strip”
Color GartenLEDStrip1Color “Garten LED Strip 2 Color” (Garten_LED_Strips) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:18B905C5F641:color”}
Color GartenLEDStrip2Color “Garten LED Strip 2 Color” (Garten_LED_Strips) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A0F74:color”}
Color GartenLEDStrip3Color “Garten LED Strip 3 Color” (Garten_LED_Strips) [“Lighting”] {alexa=“Lighting”,channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A1212:color”}

Group:Dimmer Garten_LED_Strips_Dimmer “Garten LED Strip Schnelligkeit”
Dimmer GartenLEDStrip1Schnelligkeit “Garten LED Strip 1 Schnelligkeit” (Garten_LED_Strips_Dimmer) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:18B905C5F641:programSpeed”}
Dimmer GartenLEDStrip2Schnelligkeit “Garten LED Strip 2 Schnelligkeit” (Garten_LED_Strips_Dimmer) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A0F74:programSpeed”}
Dimmer GartenLEDStrip3Schnelligkeit “Garten LED Strip 3 Schnelligkeit” (Garten_LED_Strips_Dimmer) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:B4E8420A1212:programSpeed”}

In the sitemap I am using the groupitems.
Now I want to realize the same behaviour like in openHAB2 in openHAB3.

But I dont really know how to do this with the new sematic model.
Can anybody help?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Don’t. It’s about semantics, not functionality.

Do it the same way, with Groups that you can command. Functions like this don’t need to be forced into your model.