Group Membership in Model does not correspond to item membership in parent group

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel Celeron 2.9 GHZ, 24 GB RAM, 3 TB
    • OS: Debian/Docker
    • Java Runtime Environment: openhab/openhab:3.1.0 docker image
    • openHAB version: 3.1.0
  • Issue of the topic:

I have a shelly door sensor on my front door connected to OH3 via the MQTT binding and it’s working fine, except that one channel is not showing up in the semantic model.

Here is the thing with its channels:

Here are the items:

So far so good. But even though the state item is a member of the Front door group, it does not show up in the model:

Is this a bug? Or what am I misunderstanding here?

Does the Item have a semantic tag? Only Items with semantic tags show up in the model. There is a checkbox at the bottom top show those Items that are not semantically tagged.

Adding an Item to a semantically tagged Group is not sufficient to add it to the model.

Note that it is not expected nor encouraged to have all Items in the model.

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Thanks, that was it (reading “semantic tags” as “semantic class”). The missing item had semantic class = none.

However, I’m still confused: When I try to add a semantic class to that item, “Measurement” or “Point”, which are used on the other items on that door sensor, are not available. The nearest I can come is “Door” and this brings the item into my model, but it is obviously (semantically) wrong. It should probably be contact or switch, but none of that is available.

The only extra item that shows up when I tick that box is a dummy item I recently created. The door state item does not show up.

Door is an Equipment tag, not a Point tag. you need to choose a Point tag for that Item. I can’t tell you why it’s not in the list. If the Item doesn’t have any tags you should be able to choose from all the tags: Location, Equipment, or Point.

There seems to be a little bug here but I can’t reproduce it, so I guess there is nothing we can do. I managed to fix it but reassigning the item to no semantic class (none). Once I did that, the Point classes showed up again. I did this on my desktop whereas I was on my phone before that, so that could also have made a difference.

I also took the opportunity to double-check whether the item shows up as “non-semantic” while not assigned a semantic class, but it doesn’t.