Group settings for contact group with Paper UI

Hi community,

I try to group contact items with Paper UI. I created a group but when defining “Base Type” as Contact I can select Function but it doesn’t get saved. Log file says:
“State ‘ON’ is not valid for a group item with base type 'Contact’
Group function ‘OR’ requires two arguments. Using Equality instead.
Unknown group function ‘EQUALITY’. Using Equality instead.”

When using “Switch” as base type I can save everything and it is working. But state changes of grouped items lead not to get right state for group because “Open” is wrong state for Switch…
Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Valid states for a contact are OPEN and CLOSED

I know this, but there is no way to change that
in Paper UI. That’s my question…

Missed the PaperUI part in

I always configure my groups in text files and that is working fine.
But you are right, after trying to create groups via PaperUI I experienced the same problem.
Feel free to create an issue on github, if you are not comfortable in doing that I will try to open one tomorrow.

I would appreciate if you could open an issue for me. I have no GitHub login so far.

Done. Actually PaperUI belongs to ESH, so I had to create the issue there: