Group Status in BasicUI displays "UNDEF"

Hi All,

I am running OH2 Snapshot #906 and I have the following super-minor issue that I want to check if someone else is experiencing as well:

When I display in my sitemap a Group of items within a Frame, sometimes the Group status appears on the sitemap.
This is something that I don’t want to happen and if I refresh the web page, it goes away…

Sitemap entries:

	Frame {
		Text label="FibEyes" icon="energy" {
			Frame label="FibEyes" {
		Group item=gmPower label="mPower Outlets" icon="energy"
	Frame {
		Group item=gUnifi label="Unifi Clients" icon="network"


After page refresh, it goes back to normal:

After some time (not sure how long), the “UNDEF” re-appears on my sitemap.

Of course, the state of each of the Groups is “UNDEF” and that’s normal, since I don’t use any Group functions on them:

openhab> smarthome:items list |grep gUnifi
gUnifi (Type=GroupItem, Members=4, State=UNDEF, Label=null, Category=null, Groups=[All])
openhab> smarthome:items list |grep gmPower
gmPower (Type=GroupItem, Members=90, State=UNDEF, Label=null, Category=null, Groups=[gInflux])

My relevant *.items entries:

Group	All
Group	gInflux		(All)
Group	gUnifi		(All)
Group	gmPower		(gInflux)

Switch	Angelos_S6_PRES	"Angelos S6 Presence"	<present>	(gUnifi)	{channel="unifi:client:Unifi_HomeR:Angelos_S6:online"}
Number	Angelos_S6_RSSI	"Angelos S6 RSSI [%s]"	<signal>	(gUnifi)	{channel="unifi:client:Unifi_HomeR:Angelos_S6:rssi"}

Switch		mP6_01_01_O	"mP6_01_01 Outlet"		<switch>	(gmPower)	{channel="mpower:socket:04_18_D6_54_1B_B7:1:outlet"}
Number		mP6_01_01_P	"mP6_01_01 Power [%.1f W]"	<energy>	(gmPower)	{channel="mpower:socket:04_18_D6_54_1B_B7:1:power"}
Number		mP6_01_01_E	"mP6_01_01 Energy [%d Wh]"	<energy>	(gmPower)	{channel="mpower:socket:04_18_D6_54_1B_B7:1:energy"}
Number		mP6_01_01_V	"mP6_01_01 Voltage [%d V]"	<energy>	(gmPower)	{channel="mpower:socket:04_18_D6_54_1B_B7:1:voltage"}
DateTime	mP6_01_01_U	"mp6_01_01 Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"	<text>	(gmPower)	{channel="mpower:socket:04_18_D6_54_1B_B7:1:lastupdate"}

I use mainly Opera v44.0.2510.1449
Same thing happens with Chrome, Explorer and/or Firefox

Is anyone else experiencing the same with BasicUI?

Ps: This does not happen when I use the individual items in the sitemap Frame (e.g. on the “FibEyes” frame)

Same here. 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT Build #858

I created all item possible via. PaperUI.

This is my .sitemap

Frame label="Alle neuen Gruppen"
		/* Die Gruppen wurden via. PaperUI erstellt und haben folgende namen
               * These groups got created via PaperUI
		 * Group ALL
		 * Group Office_Workstation
		 * Group Office_Bluesaloon
		 * Group Office_First_Floor
		 * Group Office_conference
		 * Group Office_Outdoor
		//Group item=Office_First_Floor label="Alle Geräte und Gruppen" / All Devices and Groups
		Group item=Office_Workstation
		Group item=Office_Bluesaloon
		Group item=Office_conference
		Group item=Office_Outdoor
		Group item=Network_Device_Status

I will try to add a label (without [%s]) to the Group in my *.items file to see if this helps…
I saw some similar posts in here as well as some issues (e.g. but I didn’t have time to see if they are related to mine.

Issue has been fixed and merged yesterday.
Fix will be included in OH snapshots when a new stable ESH is built. So probably in few days.


Running OH2 Snapshot 912 and it seems to be ok now
This Group status (Undef) does not appear any more in my sitemap (using BasicUI)