Group Switch does not send command

I have this group and items:

Group:Switch:OR(Modect,Monitor) gpCameraModeSwitchAll "Overall ZoneMinder Mode" <ipcameraright>
String CUCINA_CAMMODE "ZoneMinder Function [%s]" <ipcameraright> (gpCameraMode,gpCameraModeSwitchAll) {http="<[]", autoupdate="false", exec=">[*:curl -XPOST -d Monitor[Function]=%2$s]" }
String INGRESSO_CAMINGRESSOMODE "ZoneMinder Function [%s]" <ipcameraright> (gpCameraMode,gpCameraModeSwitchAll) {http="<[]", autoupdate="false", exec=">[*:curl -XPOST -d Monitor[Function]=%2$s]" }

and then i have this Sitemap for group switch:

Switch item=gpCameraModeSwitchAll mappings=[Modect=Modect, Monitor=Monitor]

I need use “Modect” and “Monitor” as command. Single switch working fine, but group switch does not send command.
Any help would be appreciated.


Group:Switch means that it is of type Switch - i.e. it will only accept commands ON and OFF. This explains why it isn’t working.
If you do not expect the group to have a status on its own (derived from its members), you could simply define it like:

Group gpCameraModeSwitchAll "Overall ZoneMinder Mode" <ipcameraright>

In this case you will be able to send any string (i.e. also “Modect” and “Monitor” to the group item and it will be propagated to its members.


Hi @Kai,
Thanks for helps, It works. In this case the group inherits the status of its members.