Group Tradfri RGB and normal


Today I have learned to group.

I have created a switch for Tradfri Bulp and have insert a RGB Bulp (I think I can’t use switch there)

My Items:

Switch Buero_Deckenlampe_Switch (gruppe_Buero_Licht, gruppe_Wohnung_Licht)  {channel="tradfri:0220:gw4491:65548:brightness"}
Dimmer Buero_Deckenlampe_Helligkeit {channel="tradfri:0220:gw4491:65548:brightness"}
Dimmer Buero_Deckenlampe_Farbtemperatur {channel="tradfri:0220:gw4491:65548:color_temperature"}
Dimmer Buero_Lampe_Farbtemperatur {channel="tradfri:0220:gw4491:65560:color_temperature"}
Dimmer Buero_Lampe_Farbe {channel="tradfri:0220:gw4491:65560:color"}

I use with button with command ON/OFF on gruppe_Buero_Licht. But the RGB Bulp does not go off.
When I use the tradfri App, the Openhab Log say

13:26:48.173 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - tradfri_0210_gw4491_65560_color changed from 0,0,0 to 30,64,100
13:26:53.409 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - tradfri_0210_gw4491_65560_color changed from 30,64,100 to 0,0,0

When I send command OFF or ON in my button, all lamps go on or off. The only where no change the status is the RGB Bulp. Which is the best way for a solution?

Thank you for help


The item with the color channel you are trying to switch appears to not have this group. Coould this be your issue?

That was a copy fail sorry. When i send off:

Item ‘Buero_Tuere_Lampe_Switch’ received command OFF

I think the problem is, that the RGB Bulp don’t understand command off. The normal Bulp works with this. Both from tradfri

Today I found a post woth the tipp to create a switch of color. Missing channel ikea tradfri rgb light

I will try it this evening and report

It works. The solution:
Set the Switch on color.
Additional fail: The RGB Bulp has tradfri:0210 and not tradfri:0220