Group with Setpoint

it is possible to setup a group of Setpoint?
I tryed but on sitemap I cannot set the value.


Group items are groups of other items (like Number items). A Setpoint is a sitemap element, not an item. Please share your items and sitemaps so we can see what you are trying to do.

Hi @watou,
here is my items:

Group gpHVAC_CamCuc_Temp (All) Number HVAC_1_TEMP "Temperatura [%s]" <"hvactmp"> (gpHVAC_CamCuc_Temp) Number HVAC_2_TEMP "Temperatura [%s]" <"hvactmp"> (gpHVAC_CamCuc_Temp)

and Sitemap:

Setpoint item=gpHVAC_CamCuc_Temp minValue=16 maxValue=30 step=1


There is no way I’m aware of to give a Group item as the item= value for a Setpoint. Your sitemap would have to look something like this example:

    Frame label="HVAC" {
         Text label="Setpoints" icon="hvactmp" {
                Setpoint item=HVAC_1_TEMP minValue=16 maxValue=30 step=1
                Setpoint item=HVAC_2_TEMP minValue=16 maxValue=30 step=1

If your objective is to change all HVAC_*_TEMP items using a single Setpoint, you would have to have a new Number item HVAC_ALL_TEMP and write a rule like:

rule ChangeAllSetpoints
  Item HVAC_ALL_TEMP changed
  gpHVAC_CamCuc_Temp.members.forEach(item | item.sendCommand(HVAC_ALL_TEMP.state))
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Hi @watou
you confirmed my suspects.
It works like a charm