Grouping Lights/Dimmers/Rollershutters

Hi all,

what is the best concept to switch on a set of lights (or dimmers)?
In my living room I have a couple of dimmers and I’d like to create a profile “watch TV”. This means in my case: Dimmer1=40%, Dimmer2=60%, Dimmer3=100%, Dimmer4=0%. How do I realize that with OpenHAB?

As far as I understood, groups (or better: the members) can only get one common value. That would be suitable if I want to switch all dimmers e.g. to 50%. But in my case, this is no option.

I could imagine to create a rule which is triggered by a switch item, that sends these 4 commands. Is this the officially preferred way?


smaller Groups
then, add these to the bigger Group(s)
or a rule of course

Hi Angelos,

can you give an example how smaller groups combining to bigger groups could help in my case?


It seems that it won’t work in your case… You will have to go with a rule here.

There are some examples in this forum for rules used for scene management.

One example is: Rules for Lighting Scenes - Lights Not Always Reacting
Try to build a rule and post it here if you need further help.