Groups are shown which are not configured

Hi everybody,

I´m experiencing a strange problem: I edited the demo.items and demo.sitemap to my needs, deleted almost everything inside but the comments, added my own single test item (a switch) and saved the files to home.items and home.sitemap. So the first page shows a “First Floor” button and the date. This is correct. After a click on “First Floor” it should show only the test switch button but instead it shows everything that was configured in the demo.items plus my test switch button. So Bathroom, Office. Child´s Room, Bedroom, Corridor, Test Switch.

How is this possible? Look at the code below, that´s all that is inside my two files *.items and *.sitemap:


    Group FF_Test         "Test Funksteckdose"         <office>         (gFF)

/* active groups */

/* Lights */
Switch Light_FF_Test         "Test Funksteckdose"    (FF_Test, Lights)    {exec="OFF:/opt/rcswitch-pi/send 00001 5 0, ON:/opt/rcswitch-pi/send 00001 5 1"}


sitemap home label="Homecontrol"
    Frame {
        Group item=gFF label="First Floor" icon="firstfloor"

    Frame label="Date" {
        Text item=Date


Any idea what is wrong here?


after the deletion - did you restart openhab? Coz some items are not unloaded on the fly - but only deleted from OH cache while doing a restart.


Hi Karsten,

yes, I restarted several times…

In your item definition you are writing:

while in your sitemap you are mentioning:

the Group item used is gFF but it should be FF_Test


Ok, that´s it. I corrected it and it´s working fine now, thank you !!