Groups for dummies

I’m a recent new user of openHAB. I have a simple question regarding Groups of items, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Here’s my .items file:

Group gFamilyRoomLamps <light> "Family Room Lamps"
Dimmer FamilyRoomLamp1 "Family Room Lamp" <light> (gFamilyRoomLamps) {insteonplm="39.A6.0D:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer FamilyRoomLamp2 "Ann's Lamp" <light> (gFamilyRoomLamps) {insteonplm="20.E9.74:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer FamilyRoomLamp3 "John's Lamp" <light> (gFamilyRoomLamps) {insteonplm="39.A7.64:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

and my .sitemap

sitemap default label="Main" {
    Frame label="Family Room" {
        Group item=gFamilyRoomLamps
        Slider item=FamilyRoomLamp1
        Slider item=FamilyRoomLamp2
        Slider item=FamilyRoomLamp3

And, here’s what it looks like:

And clicking on ‘gFamilyRoomLamps’ gives me an empty page:

ARGH… my group items label and type were in the wrong order!!! sorry… never mind me

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