Groups not displaying correctly

I’ve been playing with the demo sitemap and items files to begin configuring it as my own and I have a few groups that when I click on them on the / page, instead of switching the view to that group it draws the “home” button in the upper left of the page and writes the group name over top of the “Demo House” text at the top and nothing else like so (this is when clicking “Living Room” in this case):

The thing that is bugging me is I have two items in the “Living Room” group for example, and if I comment one of them out (either one, doesn’t matter) then the problem goes away and that item shows correctly. Here’s the items in question:
Dimmer Light_GF_Living_Table "Table" (GF_Living, Lights) Dimmer Light_GF_Living_Fan "Fan" (GF_Living, Lights)

What could the problem be? Looking at the file in designer, nothing is showing as a problem and I don’t see anything meaningful in the logs either.

You could try to use this workaround:

Continuing the discussion from [SOLVED] More then one slider item breaks 1.8.0 Classic UI:

That did the trick! Thanks!