Groups of blinds controlled by Google Assistant

My knx blinds-items are attached to rooms “kitchen”, “livingroom”, … in Google Assistant.

To control them by floor or north/south/west/east-directions I’ve put them in groups - for example for the first floor and attached this Group-Item to the room “Erdgeschoss” in Google Assistant:

Group:Rollershutter JalousienEG	"Jalousien"		<rollershutter>		(EG,Jalousien_Haus)					["Blinds"]	{ga="Blinds"}

but if I say “OK Google, Jalousien im Erdgeschoss runter”, I get this error:

2020-01-19 17:15:37.837 [WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at 'items/JalousienEG' with an invalid status value 'OFF'.

Same command with a single Item works.

Is there a way to change the behaviour of the group?


The value OFF with rollershutter seems odd. Do you see this in the logs when using the single item?

Also see here for item groups and metadata:

Alternatively, if you can’t get this to work (maybe because Google Home doesn’t understand how to deal with a Group?), you could try the approach where you put the blinds in one room, and in that way group them. They you can say for example "close living room blinds, and Google Home will send a close command to all blinds within the room “living room”.

I put the blinds in rooms and that works.
But it is not possible to put an item in multiple groups in Google Home.
So to control them by etage and not by room only I need the OH-group…

I would guess that Google is sending OFF as a string. So, you might need to have an unbound string item to accept the command and then trigger your blinds via a rule.

You could also consider making a specific proxy shutters item for that, and then handle the commands sent to that item via a rule.