Groups only working after a restart of openhab


I’m using openhab 2.1. I recently added a new group and added a nuber of switches to it. The group was supposed to change status to ON whenever one of the group members changed to ON. However, I could not get the groups to work. Only after I restarted openhab did the group display the expected behaviour.

How did you define the group?
Remember you now have to define the groups with type, like this:

Group:Switch:OR myGroup


My item definition is:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) GroupName “Text”

I don’t think my definition is the problem as everything works fine after a restart. My point was that there shouldn’t be a restart of openhab needed.

ah, well the general rule of thumb (at least in my experience) is if you edit any item file a restart is recommended.