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I didn’t change anything recently within my OH-configs or rules. My smarthome was running and I was satisfied.

Now, since a few days, two rules that are using a group item (4 rollershutters) don’t work properly anymore; if the rule is triggered only one member of the group receives the desired command („UP“).

I‘m still running OH2.5 (on a Raspi), the rollershutters are controlled via Homematic (CCU3).

I can provide the events.log entries if needed, but they only show that the group item receives the desired command and only the one rollershutter, as I described.

Anybody with an idea what may have happened?


Not without more information.

Which version of 2.5? There are 12 of them.

What’s the rule?

Hello @rlkoshak

I answered to your questions, but where is my answer gone?
I received a comment from @rossko57 so I can be sure that my entry was read.
Very strange … I just wrote an e-mail response but the mail came back saying that it couldn’t be delivered to this thread …

Anyway, I think we can close this thread as my rule miraculously workes fine again since a few days without any intervention by myself.

Thanks for your interest anyway and many regards


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