Groups with subgroups not rolling up

I’ve been experimenting with some groups and I’m finding that the state of a top level group does not seem to roll up when its children are groups themselves.

Here are my items:

Group:Switch:OR(OFF,ON) gPresent "Present group" <present>

Group:Swtich:OR(OFF,ON) gMePresent "I'm Home" <present> (gPresent)
Group:Switch:OR(OFF,ON) gWifePresent "Wife Home" <present> (gPresent)

Switch S_V_MePhoneIP <network> (gMePresent) {...}
Swtich S_V_MeBTBasement <bluetooth> (gMePresent) {...}
Switch S_V_MeBTMainFloor <bluetooth> (gMePresent) {...}
Switch S_V_MeBTTopFloor <bluetooth> (gMePresent) {...}

Switch S_V_WifePhoneIP <network> (gWifePresent) {...}
Swtich S_V_WifeBTBasement <bluetooth> (gWifePresent) {...}
Switch S_V_WifeBTMainFloor <bluetooth> (gWifePresent) {...}
Switch S_V_WifeBTTopFloor <bluetooth> (gWifePresent) {...}

So, as you would expect, should any of the S_V_* switches be ON I want its group and the root group to be ON. If all of the S_V_* switches are OFF, I want all groups and the root group to be OFF.

What I am finding is this is not taking place. After a reload of the Items file (resetting the states) and then changing the state usually the groups will work as expected but after that they never change no matter what the Switches are doing.

For now I’m going to do what I need to in a rule, but clearly I’m either doing something wrong or have the wrong impression on how Groups are supposed to roll up.

Anyone have an idea?



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