GSM call to cell phone


I would like to initiate a phone call to a cell phone (GSM not VoIP) to report e.g. a burglary alarm.
When I am abroad I sometimes have no data connection and therefore would not be able to receive Telegram (which I use usually).
An SMS does not help, because I would just miss it during the night.
Any recommendations regarding GSM module HW and SW?
I am running OH 1.8.3 on a raspberry pi 2 B.
Best regards, NCO

I do this by using Freeswitch to initiate a call from my VOIP line to my cellphone. I use mqttwarn to actually initiate the call as this has support for making Freeswitch calls based on a message received on an MQTT topic.

Thanks - I will check out this option and might come back with more questions :wink:

Hi @ben_jones12,

I actually found in an FHEM forum the solution to use sipcmd with the fritzbox (german router) to initiate a VOIP call.
This would do the job.
However, the sipcmd will not go through to the fritzbox (OnReleased: reason: EndedBySecurityDenial) until I shut down my openVPN daemon.

Does anybody have a similar experience?