GU10 Bulbs - Anyone have any experience with these?

Hi all,

I was searching for some new stuff for my openhab solution and came across these GU10 bulbs:

Zemismart GU10 WiFi RGBW LED Light

Does anyone know anything about them or maybe some one in here already tested then?


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It says works with Tuya app. Tuya as far as I know is not compatible with opennab. So if you are looking to the in then probably out of lick.

They’re a lot more expensive than the MiLight bulbs (c£8 a pop) which do work with OH.

I’ve had MiLight bulbs for a year now have had two or 3 failures which I have put down to heat in the unit :frowning: I need to change it so they’re not running for so long.

Hey Danny,

Thanks for the reply - I completely missed that part. I just though we could use the WiFi binding and be lucky :slight_smile:

Hi Crispin,

I did already buy a few of them because they look really promising…

Could you perhaps explain a bit more, did your units caught a fire or got really really hot or?

O don’t have the gu10 version. I have the regular bulb style. They work great.

Wonder if you’re can be reflashed… The ones I have can.

Nothing serious with them like catching fire etc :slight_smile:

The fault is one I have seen on a number of these types of bulbs. The bulb is “up side down” with the PSU in the neck. The heat from the LEDs and sink goes up and lets the PSU run warm. The smoothing cap then overheats and either vents or just dries out to the point it no longer works.

Symptoms are a slow flashing of the bulb as the PSU struggles to provide and eventually it just stops working.

My solutions -
I can replace the cap (solve the problem but I had to destroy the bulb*)
Ensure the kids turn the bulbs off when the leave the room :slight_smile: (Or get the automation to do that for them)

*I have repurposed the LEDs and “brains” in another project where I now have my own very bright controllable LED :smiley:

Considering the price difference between these and something like the HUE… it’s ok.
They have had run-times of hours which makes them quite warm around the I-don’t-like-to-be-warm parts :frowning:

Tuya is pretty awesome and absolutely compatible with a little scripting, see


I got like 8 tuya wifi power sockets for 11€ each, 3 RGB LED strips for 20€ and am going to buy 20 RGB LED GU10 bulbs on alibaba for ~7-9 € soon, those prices are hard to beat, all compatible with the tuya api, completely controllable over node js, c#, python and more.

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@illnesse thanks for sharing! I hadn’t see this yet. I will have to give it a try with my bulbs.

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Hi … I am not good in scripting and new to Tuya devices…

I am not sure where to run below script or step.

const TuyaDevice = require(‘tuyapi’);

let tuya = new TuyaDevice({
id: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,
key: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,
ip: ‘’});

tuya.get().then(status => {
console.log(‘Status:’, status);

tuya.set({set: !status}).then(result => {
console.log('Result of setting status to ’ + !status + ': ’ + result);

tuya.get().then(status => {
  console.log('New status:', status);



how to identify the id, key and ip details.

Would you be able to share that in an other thread, Please?

I have configured and working smart plugs and can be controlled through smartlife app through my mobile.
openhab2 is running on RPi3.

I need to control smart plugs (Tuya/smartlife controlled currently) from openhab2 panel.