GUI for Alexa and OpenHab

Hi guys. First of all big shout out to the openhab community. Its a great platform for the smart home. I’m a newbie so I’ll get straight to the point.

The question is in 2 parts.
First is this. Is there a GUI for Alexa? It’s a brilliant voice device but it’s GUI for groups, scenes, devices is quite lacking. Is there a HabPanel or Imperihome type of custom interface that integrates with the Alexa skills?

Second question is still part of the first. Is there a GUI that combines Alexa skills with other smart home devices.

Example is this. Alexa is great for multi-home music and voice activation of various devices especially those budget wifi plugs that integrate well with Alexa. Problem is most of them require separate apps for the GUI part of the equation.

I would like to have those on a tablet alongside or combined with my openhab interface so that I can for instance click on a room, control the Alexa multi-room, lights, budget wifi plugs, etc and still control my openhab bindings from one inerface. Is it possible.

You need to decide what it going to control the devices. OpenHAB or Alexa.
For those devices that alexa controls directly like those budget wifi plugs, there are bindings available in OH or python scripts most of the time so that OH control them
Then you integrate with alexa with:

Your UI will be the OH UI

Ok perfect. If I’m using openhab as my main GUI can I integrate stuff from Alexa like multi-room audio etc?

I don’t think so, not yet anyway