GUI running but can't get beyond it

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      rpi 3
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      openHABian downloaded today
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I’ve got the GUI going but the web and the docs are loaded with discussions about YAML files and using cli via ssh. Dozens of people seem to have been genuinely confused about SSH and I haven’t seen a single suggestion that is either up to date or that works.

I’m one of those dozens of people who can’t log to openHAB via SSH. I’m not new to SSH - I have 4 other rpi and linux boxes running and SSH to them every day.

From what I’ve read:
The port might be 22 or 8101? It seems to respond to both
The user might be pi, the user name I chose during setup or openhabian? but who could tell.
The password might be my password, openhabian, habopen or what?
Nothing that I’ve tried is accepted.

I assume that there are things that will require SSH access, like:

  • backing up (can’t find that feature in the GUI)
  • editing YAML
  • other things I don’t know about yet.

I’m reluctant to embrace an app when there is such a disconnect between simple-brain-dead mode and “expert” mode. I need to be confident that I can keep the system running and recover it if there is a crash.

Without console access, I don’t have that confidence.

There must be a fool-proof, simple instructions for reliably getting SSH access.

Please, someone, tell me what they are or where to find them.
Until then I’m paralyzed.

Thank you

Both. Port 22 is used for OS level accounts. You will get to thel linux shell.
Port 8101 is the karaf console. A service port for low level commands in OH.

Depends on the ground level OS that you instaled.
If it is openhabianthen the default is openhabian. If you changed it during installation of openhabian then it is that user you entered during installation of openhabian.
If it is not based on openhabian then it is dependent on that OS default you installed.
The above applies for port 22. The user on port 8101 is openhab.

openhabian is the default for OS level user openhabian under openhabian - as long as you did not change the password during installation.
habopen is the passwort on port 8101 for user openhab.

The third user is the user that you setup in MainUI. That user will be setup during first login and that user is being used to edit yaml files for example. Yaml files are not edited on OS level nor on karaf level.

Backing up indeed requires ssh.

As @Wolfgang_S mentions, YAML only exists in openHAB on the code tabs of MainUI. You definitely will not be writing YAML from scratch and only rarely even editing it directly.

If you prefer to do everything through the UI, you’ll use the forms presented in the UI to create configs. If you prefer text file based configs, each type of config (Things, Items, Rules, etc.) has it’s own custom syntax (see the config docs for each concept for details on the syntax).

openHABian will have set up a SAMBA share that you should be able to access from another machine to edit these text file based configs if you choose to go that route. If it wasn’t set up, once you ssh to the machine you can run openhabian-config to set it up.

There is very little outside of maintenance (e.g. backups) that requires you to ssh to the machine (port 22).

There are some users who never ssh to the karaf console (port 8101) but by default, you can only ssh to that port from localhost (it’s a security measure).

As far as I’m aware, this is the first post that has encountered confusion on this point so it would be interesting to understand what docs you have read and what you understood from those docs.