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I have tried setting up a Tasmotized Sonoff SV to use as a garage opener and monitor. After becoming frustrated with scripts I started from scratch and created the item and channels via the GUI.
My problem is I don’t know what the syntax is for the MQTT Command Topic for the Switch Channel.
When I operate the switch in the Tasmota web page I get the following in the log;
17:45:01 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/RESULT = {“POWER1”:“ON”}
17:45:01 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/POWER1 = ON (retained)
17:45:02 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/RESULT = {“POWER1”:“OFF”}
17:45:02 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/POWER1 = OFF (retained)
17:45:02 MQT: cmnd/garagestate/POWER2 = ON (retained)

If I enter cmd/sonoffsv_1/POWER1 = {“POWER1”:“ON”} as the MQTT Comand Topic then go to “Control” I see both switches but the open/close switch does nothing, however, if I go to the Tasmota Web Page and press the Switch button I see the state of the two switches change as they should.
No cmd lines for POWER1 appear in the Tasmota Console or in MQTT.fx to give me a clue.
Can someone suggest what I am doing wrong and before someone jumps in and says read the manuals, I have.

The MQTT command topic needs to be just that, the topic This part -

The other part is the payload Without transformation, a switch channel will send “ON” or “OFF” as payload by default

I tried cmd/sonoffsv_1/POWER1 at the Tasmota console and it only returns
06:29:37 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/RESULT = {“POWER1”:“OFF”}
06:29:37 MQT: stat/sonoffsv_1/POWER1 = OFF (retained)

I found my problem. It was simple but it was a case of seeing what you want to.
I had cmd instead of cmnd.

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