Guidance needed on how to handle external library jna-4.5.2.jar in a binding

I need some help in how to not include the jna-4.5.2.jar in a binding since it now is a part of the OH2.4 distribution.

Currently i’ve used the recommendations for 3rd party librariesto include the jna-4.5.2.jar in the binding and that works great.

There is something called openHAB Target Platform that contains external jar-files but the version 1.0.33 does not contain jna-4.5.2.

If I try to remove it from the and the MANIFEST.MF the compiled jar-file will not include it, however I will then get a runtime error initially that the jna-4.5.2-jar file could not be found in the lib-folder so there must be a better way.

Please guide me how to configure my Eclipse and Maven build to not include the jna-4.5.2.jar in the binding and instead use the JNA version that now is included in the distro:-)



@jannegpriv Did you figure this out? If so, could you post the solution? Thanks!

In this case, Kai included it in the OH runtime environment, so I did not have to include it in the binding.
See more of the discussion here



Perfect. Thanks!