Hab 2.0 update MQTT no longer working


I am using the mqtt binding and am pulling sensor data in the form of numbers from a raspberry pi. I have verified that the raspberry pi is posting to the proper topic but it seems as though OH2 is not subscribing to the topic and or updating the items i have in place to be updated. This is all since the update i did last night.When i look through the event logs i cant find any mqtt response what so ever anymore which makes me think its not subscribing? Anyone else running into this issue ? Any ideas?

so apparently people saw these same issues amongst other things and pushed another update which ive just installed. This appears to have fixed everything. Thanks Dev Team!

Hi Steven

I’ve posted a topic today:

Do the problems you’ve had seem similar to those which I’m having?

When was the update you’ve installed released? Since I only installed a few days ago.


I just reinstalled the mqtt add-ons. And it’s working now:-)