HAB Speaker (dialog processing on the browser)


HAB Speaker is a project designed to facilitate the use of the openHAB dialog processing capabilities.

Through a WebSocket connection this web interface registers a sink and source in your openHAB instance that can be used like any other ones.


Version 3.4.0 - BETA5

  • ui viewport block zoom
  • ui double max volume level

Version 3.4.0 - BETA4

  • Add speaker voice configurations.
  • Support server keyword spotting.
  • Add spot channel.
  • Fix concurrent modification exception on bundle stop.

Version 3.4.0 - BETA3

  • Sink wait for audio to be played as other oh sinks
  • Add listeningItem speaker configuration
  • Update readme

Version 3.4.0 - BETA2

  • Sink mp3 support
  • Sink use stereo audio (speaker configuration)
  • Sink volume control fixes
  • Fix ui login (authenticate agains the login page instead of relying on the main ui)
  • Use thing label as sink/source label.

Version 3.4.0 - BETA1

  • A speaker is now a thing and can be discovered.
  • Implement sink volume support.
  • Remove local configs unless the speaker id.

Version 3.4.0 - BETA0

  • initial release

Status and future development

These are some things I would like to add for the final version:

  • Implement sink volumen.
  • Add ui volume control widget (not sure).
  • Enable mp3 support for the sink (converted on the server to wav).
  • Support keyword spotting on the server.
  • Support keyword spotting on the client.
  • Add stereo support to the sink.
  • Improve the readme and update the gif image.
  • Create own icons (current icons are copied from habot).
  • Improve the settings page design.
  • Improve the authentication mechanism (when option ‘secure’ is enabled).

Feel welcome to open a PR with whatever fixes or improvements, and to report any issue.
I not used to do design and frontend development so any help to improve that part will be appreciated.


JAR bundle
Source and Documentation


Interesting, thanks !

I plan to do a client (not a web one, but still) with this kind of audio capability.
I want to provide intercom capability over SIP to my raspberrys all over the house), and that kind of speaker functionnality for openHAB is totally on my todo list.

I will monitor this and maybe some day steal some code :sweat_smile:

I’ll probably also make a native client for this once I finished with the web. I actually discovered the SIP widget today, really cool. Have to read more about that protocol, seems interesting.

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awesome contribution Miguel :+1:

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