HABApp 0.19.0

Good news everyone!

I just released HABApp 0.19.0!

MQTT behavior changed with this version. Only topics with the retain flag will automatically create an item within HABApp. All other messages will not automatically create an item.
Typically this should not mean a change in behavior because MqttItems or MqttPairItems should already be created with get_create_item.

Many deprecated functions have been removed. If you have been ignoring the log messages you’ll now get errors. :wink:

Also I added some information about HABApp to the docs to make the functionality and relations between services more clear.
So be sure to check it out.

Full changelog:

  • MQTT creates items in HABApp only for messages with persist. Events still get created, even if the item does not exist.
    This shouldn’t be but could be a braking change.
  • Removed many deprecated functions
  • HABApp will now use the openhab log folder as a log-default when started for the first time on a openhabian installation
  • Reworked MQTT connection so it is now a module, too (Item/Rule interface stays the same)
  • Better error message when rule files are executed outside of HABApp
  • Added lots of documentation

Would it be possible to include into the next release a switch that switches the thing tables on or off?

On my screen these tables are so big that they are for me not very usefull.

Which one? The general thing table or the z-wave thing table?

The most important information should be in the beginning on the left.
So you can skip the part on the right.

The thing Table is big, but OK, but the zwave Thing table is for me useless

This is fullscreen on my system

I’m aware that it doesn’t fit on the screen. I don’t know if it is possible to disable automatic line wrap for tail
It’s intended to be viewed with an external program because you can quickly compare the linked channels between similar thing types.

You can disable the automatic wrap with

tail -f logfile.log | cut -b -$(tput cols)

Good news everyone!

I just released HABApp 0.19.1!

This is just a small fix for empty strings with openHAB 3.


  • Text header is now properly set (fix for empty strings with Openhab 3)
  • Added info about installation through openhabian