HabApp: Warning wrt the number of threads?

in the habApp.log I see warnings like this:

HABApp.Worker] WARNING | Starting of ParsePhonePosition_dp.item_Value_changed took too long: 0.08s. Maybe there are not enough threads?

That is the callback for an event I called like this:

and it does a bit of work: parsing a line of json into variables, send_command() them to oh. I’m willing to accept that it takes 0.08s to do this but the warning begs the question: what is the number of threads and where would I increase it? Should I?

Thansk in advance for any input to it.

It’s just a warning that the start of execution took longer than expected.
If you see this constantly there is something wrong.
If you see it only every now and then it’s fine and can be ignored.