HABApp - watch_change(secs) reset clock when rule is saved?

@Spaceman_Spiff I am trying to build a script to monitor a bunch of items for lack of changes after various durations. However, I do not think that the clock is started when the rule is saved, just when the item changes? Is there a convenient way to start the timer when the rule is saved without sending a command? Maybe my architecture is bad…

Just post an update or a change to the item after the rule was loaded?

You can even use the HABApp internal post_value or set_value (see docs) so this doesn’t event leave HABApp. If you want the value_change you can just change the value to a temporary value and then change it back immediately.

def __init__(self):
    self.item = StringItem.get_item('asdf')

def create_update(self):
    self.item.oh_post_update('value') # with openHAB event
    self.item.post_value('value')     # with HABApp internal event
    self.item.set_value('value')      # without HABApp internal event

Ahh! Cool… I was thinking there had to be a more graceful way of doing this than sending commands to openhab and triggering other rules. I forgot that HABApp has its own items. Giving this a try today!