Habdroid and openhab2

I installed new version of openhab2 and I have a probem with habdroid.
In paperui I enter mysite and when I run habdroid i see mysite and site named Home.
When I select mysite habdroid go into the loop and nothing is dispalyed
Eny help ?

Hi @Tomek

What do you see in the Classic UI? I believe that HabDroid talks to the sitemaps rather the config of PaperUI so if you don’t see anything in the Classic UI you’ll need to generate a sitemap there (I think, that’s the way I’ve always done it at least)

Hi Rob
I already solved the problem I made mistake in my sitemap file.openahab 1.8 works with it but openhab 2 no.

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What was the mistake so future users who see this behavior know what to correct?

I don’t really know what was wrong.
I opened my sitemap file in Eclipse editor and it shows that is something wrong with one of group.
I deleted it and it is ok now