Habdroid connetion problems

Hallo guys,
my english is very bad but i hope you understand me. :smiley:
Im a Openhab noob thats my " First Installation " the install is ok and the webacess over PC and Smartphone works
but the android app not working then i testing this on iphone app all works.
i select OpenHAB URL
on iPhone App all ok an Android 2 Smartphones Sony X3 and Xiaomi 5s dont work
what i do wrong please help me.

SOLVED Ignor SSL Hostname and Zertifikat are Disable!

That should work. Did you put that under OpenHAB URL (correct) or OPENHAB remote URL?

Yes i put it right. I dont understand why the iPhone works and both Androids not.

Could you give some more details on “not working”?
Not showing your sitemap at all (did you selct the correct sitemap)?
Showing false items (are you in the demo mode)?

No im disable the demo mode and when i delet the ip they say your connetion is fail but when i enter it they stay connecting with openhab and in the top rigth corner stay a refresh that turn rounds

SOLVED Ignor SSL Hostname and Zertifikat are Disable!