HabDroid not aware I turned lights on/off physically

So HabDroid works great, except for one thing.
If I turn a light on or off by pressing the actually switch in the wall, when I later go into the app, it is unaware of the current state of the light.
If a light is off and I push the physical button to turn it on, when I go into HabDroid, it says the light is off. I have to then ‘turn it on’ which causes it to go full brightness, and then turn it off.
A minor annoyance, but the making the lights full blast before turning off is annoying at night. Plus, I can’t reliably check on the state of lights remotely. Did I turn the lights off before I left…
Not sure if this is a bug in HabDroid, a setting I’m missing somewhere, or just a quirk in the ZWave lights.

I’ve seen the same with some of my Z-Wave switches, but it’s not very consistent. I have one Z-Wave switch that I can almost always count on that to happen, but on other Z-Wave switches it almost never happens. The Insteon devices that I have don’t seem to have the problem either. My guess is that sometimes the message that a Z-Wave switch sends out when it’s manually triggered gets lost somewhere but I haven’t taken the time to really debug it yet.

… or a reliability issue in your network? I’m using zwave too and have never seen such an error.

Maybe… All the network stuff is in the basement, although we haven’t had any issues with wi-fi on phones or laptop or anything. But then again, don’t know what kind of signal strength the ZWave devices and stick has. Maybe I’ll have to try and set up some logging or something.


What kind of zwave switch do you have? In the thing configuration parameters, what is a value of the parameter 80 (Notification on status change)? It should be set to Hail CC Sent, if I recall correctly.

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They’re a mix of GE and Jasco, although they are actually the same thing just sold under different names.
I have no parameter 80 in the settings. Just 3-5, and 7-12. Although I did notice when going to the settings, it was telling me one of the switchs was offline, and had a communication error, even though operating the switch from my phone worked just fine. Looks like I’ll have to try getting either a longer ethernet cable, or a wifi adaptor…

Or buy some mains powered zwave devices and let zwave create a mesh network:

Will Z-Wave work in a large house?
Yes, because Z-Wave runs on type of network called a "mesh network.” One Z-Wave product will pass the signal along to another (“hop”) until the final destination is reached. Every device in your home acts as a messenger; the more devices you have, the more powerful and strong your network is.

Well dang. Currently got the Pi in the basement, a handful of switches on first floor, and a couple on second floor. If it makes a mesh network, distance shouldn’t be an issue as the switches aren’t that far from another.

I think it is not habroid problem…it is depend on your zwave device…some zwave devices (aeon energy switch)has auto notifcation parameter…you have to turn on that featture inorder to see habdroid auto update…