HABdroid OH2 cannot display icons!

hello everyone, as the title said, I can’t see any icon displayed on HABdroid when I connect to remote URL although all the items are showed up properly
I’m using HABdroid version and OpenHab 2
Please show me how to fix it!
I’m using android 4.4.4

Anyone? please help

When you connect remotely is it through myopenhab.org or have you set up a reverse proxy?

Are you using SVG or PNG icons?

I’m using PNG icons and setup my HABDroid through http://myopenhab.org

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This is odd behavior. I’ve an identical setup.

What android version are you using?

OH 2 snapshot from less than a week ago. Latest Habdroid posted to Play store. PNG as the icons.

Here is my configuration:
OpenHAB URL : Not set
OpenHAB Remote URL: http://myopenhab.org
Username: (my openhab cloud id account on http://myopenhab.org)
Password: (my openhab cloud password account on http://myopenhab.org)
SSL client certificate: none
SSL client certificate how to (I did not touch this function)
Ignore SSL certificate (I did not touch this function)
Ignore SSL hostname (I did not touch this function)
HABDroid Theme: Black
Full Screen:(Ticked)
Misc settings: Ringtone

Are you seeing errors in your log? Have you tried to use SVG icons?

If you have done all of the above file an issue on github.

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I ticked Ignore SSL certificate and Ignore SSL hostname and the icons show up, that’s weird…
But anyway thank you. You help me alot!