Habdroid on Amazone Fire TV

Hi community,

Today I try to connect my Amazone FireTV over the Habdroid Android App with my OpenHab Server.
First it looks good the connection works :slight_smile: The big problem is that there is no TOUCH :slight_smile: for this solution
to move the switches and dimmer buttons. There is the RFC function ( select the entry - > Light -> Pressing OK ->
onto the FireTV remote - > and the NFC Tag Options ON OFF & TOGGLE will be displayed -> swiching works fpr the NFC TAG).
Now my Question FireTV needs no NFC Funktion … the solution would be to change the NFC-Tag Button Control into
the default switching ( only for touch Android devices possibel ) so the Habdroid App would be work with Amazone FireTV.

Did anyone know an way to tell the android programmer my wishes / ideas ?

Thank you all