HabDroid opens the wrong frame

Hello all.
My Openhab setup is up and running great with more than 100 devices. :):slight_smile: with version 1.8.3
I just have an issue with the android client version of Openhab,… when I open the application and select one of the sub frames, it jumps the the latest frame i had selected before closing but the frame name on the top is the right one !!!.
(so right frame name on the top with wrong frame content :(:frowning: ).
After that first wrong selection everything starts working fine.
Should I somewhere erase the cache or buffer in the sitemap??
Have anyone seen this behavior??


I see this all the time, but have not dug into the cause. Anecdotally, it seems to be exacerbated by making changes to your items or sitemaps, after which the Habdroid app can get out of sync.

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