HABly - Control openHAB with custom widgets for iPhone and iPad

HABly 1.0.7 is available for download!

Minor improvements:

  • Improved the Confirmation Dialog when deleting Collections on iPad
  • Search text is now cleared when leaving the Add Items Screen on iPad
  • Added Delete Button for Collectionentries if the app is running on macOS
  • Added some more icons

Fixed bugs:

  • Resolved a bug where negative values were incorrectly displayed as positive when the ‘remove unit’ option was enabled

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Thanks a lot!

Next Update, next bug resolved. Version 1.0.8 is out now.

I fixed a bug where sometimes multiple colors were displayed as selected while editing a Collection. I hope, I’ve got them all now … :wink:

Thanks a lot for your supprt!

Hi, just download your app - thanks for it.
I noticed only integer values are shown. Is it possible to display real numbers?

And another point. Is it possible to lock the configure access?

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Hi Anne!


At the moment, if you activate “remove unit”, the value is being rounded to maximum one decimal. So a “0.08578 °C” would become “0.01”. If “remove unit” is not activated, “0.08578 °C” should be displayed in the widget. Or did I understand you wrong?

Could you please describe what you mean with configure access? The settings screen or the possibility to add Collections, add Items and so on? Or the configuration of a widget on your homescreen (which Collections should be shon in that widget)?


Hi Harry
thanks for the info. The setting of “remove unit” didn’t matter
5.13 → 5.1
so values are some how rounded to the first number after the comma. The values are all plain numbers.

If a tap on the widget, the configuration screen opens: collections > add item …
I think configuration and widget usage should be separated.

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Perhaps just another small thing: All my power values are in kW. As “Number:Power” is in “W” I have to use “Number” as type for theses values. Is there a way to even display the unit “kW” in the widget?

Thanks for clarification.

I checked to code and now I got it. Yes, you are right. If openHAB just returns a number without a unit, the number is rounded to one decimal (sometimes it’s hard to remember decisions, you made three months ago … :wink: ).
I’ll think up a better solution!

At the moment, a tap on the widget leads you to the section of the app, where you left it. I think, that I have to provide a section in the app to link to on tapping. But I’m not 100% sure, I’ll check that. If I have to: in what section of the app you’d like to land after a tap on the widget?

Thanks for your suggestions!

“kW” is added to the “Custom Units”:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-30 um 16.27.50

Thanks for your help, making HABly better!

Some input:

  • Tap should load another selectable collection or none (no action)
  • even better: on each displayed item a separate collection to load may be defined (size problem)
  • the widget color should also be settable by a field (status display)
  • and finally: display a chart in the widget eg. When item is tapped
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Thanks for your input!

You can already achieve something like this with the current version of HABly - not the “no action” but the “another collection”. Just create a stack of HABly widgets (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207122). You can now swipe through these single widgets.

Although there’s a lot I don’t like about the way Apple has implemented Widgets in iOS, the Widget Stacks are in my opinion a great way to have access to a lot of Widgets without cluttering your screen.

Thanks a lot!

Harry, thanks for the tip - will try it.

I’m looking for some brave girls or guys! :wink:

I implemented Anne’s suggestion not to round an Item
value to one decimal by default, but letting the you
choose if, and to how many decimals the value should be rounded.
To make this happen, HABly needs to migrate the existing data on
the first startup of the new version.

I also fixed a rare issue: In some instances, when HABly couldn’t connect to openHAB, Collections were being misplaced, causing HABly to lose track of them. I’ve made improvements to ensure your Collections stay secure, even when there are temporary internet disruptions.

While I’ve tested the update on multiple devices and everything
looks great, I want to be absolutely certain that it works seamlessly
for everyone. This is where you come in! By testing the update on your
device, you help me catch any potential quirks or issues I might have

How to Dive In:

  • Install Apple’s TestFlight app (if you haven’t already).
  • Click on this link to get the HABly 1.1 beta: https://testflight.apple.com/join/PQ6d05vZ
    Please report back and let me know if everything worked flawlessly or if
    you encountered any hiccups.


I just discovered this App, thanks a lot for sharing this!

I will play a bit more with the app in the next few days but I discovered a problem on my first try:

I realised that the way the widget shows date values in a list is not really ideal: it shows the complete date and time including milliseconds which does not really make sense. Would be great to have the precision configurable and the display match the locale of the device. Alternatively it would be great to use the display state configured in openHAB.

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Tbh I never thought about date or time since I don’t use it. I’ll add handling dates and time to my improvements list.
Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, Thomas! If you spot more things that could use a tweak or have ideas for new features, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy Holidays!

Looks like a great app. However, I’m getting a url error on the local server. Copy/paste the configured url from the app to a browser shows me the UI Overview page I configured on OpenHab.
Do they conflict?

Hi emiel,
could you please send me a private message with the screenshot of the settings page of HABly?


This is awesome! I’ll give it a try on my iPhone and Mac as soon as I can! Would have been better if it was part of the openHAB app, but even the name “HABly” sounds catchy!

By the way, I also have problems with the local connection.

The URL is “https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8443”.

I think it would be useful to have the same connection logic as the standard app, i.e., connect to local or fallback to cloud.

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One other thing I noticed when using the app: for me it’s kind of hard to find matching symbols for all switches of a bigger switch widget. I think it would be great to have more symbols at hand or/and have a widget that shows text next to the buttons, e.g. a list widget with actual buttons instead of just showing the state.

Thanks for your feedback, Nelson!

The connection problem of emiel is solved. It was a slash at the end of the URL - first also wouldn’t wanna work without but with changing it again, it worked.

Do I get it right, that port 8443 is the standard port for https? So if you access “https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8443” via browser, you get the openHAB starting page?

I’ll add that to the features wishlist, thanks!


Can you give me some examples, what kind of icons you’re missing? I’ll add them then.

Thanks for the suggestion. I set this on the features wishlist.


Actually when thinking about it this is a more general problem: for example if I have three different lamps in the living room it will probably always be hard to find matching symbols for every one of them. Or if I have different hallways in the same building. So even if you add more symbols it probably would not be a suitable solution for every situation. So probably the named buttons would be a better solution for these situations.

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