HABmin 2 for Openhab 2: Problem

i have problem with Habmin2 for openhab 2 on raspbian. When i try to use UI Habmin, it shows only “loading…”, and then nothing. Maybe it is something worg with intalling openhab2 on Raspian. Can you give me some tips.
On this Site: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habmin#openhab-2 i can not understand what should i do, there is no tutorial for installing Habmin2.

Thank you very much.



Under normal circumstances of the installation, you have also installed PaperUI when you installed openhab2. Have you?

If so, you can simply use PaperUI to install Habmin2. You can find Habmin in the Add-ons section under “User Interfaces”.

When it is already installed (and just don’t start properly), try to uninstall it using PaperUI and then install it again.

I have same problem that quangtuyentran had/have.
I have used openHAB 1.8 version, but now I installed version 2.0 with Habmin.
When i try to use UI Habmin, it shows only “loading…”, and then nothing.
Allready tried several uninstall and install, but still same problem!
I am using Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspberry Jessie.
Do I have to do clean install for everything or what can I check for troubleshooting?

now openhab skill is avaiable for alexa, so i installed Openhabian for my raspberry pi 3, i don’t waste time for configuration.