HABmin 2 (v 2.5.9)

Hello to the community,

I migrated from FHEM back to openHAB2 because of lots of ZWave issues. And I was pleased to find out that the HABmin add-on is still provided in a version equal to that of openHAB (currently v2.5.9) :slight_smile:
But I do have some questions which I hope will be answered in this thread (because there is no manual or documentation):

  • How do I select items in the graphical rule editor which are shown in the HABmin AND the Paper UI (according to my understanding they are are defined and usable so they should appear in the appropriate drop down menus of the “puzle parts” of the rule editor)?
  • How do I save new rules?
    Would be nice to have a solution/explanation for this because I consider HABmin as a great too for openHAB customization :slight_smile:

Best regards from Germany


Welcome back to openHAB. :slight_smile:

HABmin really isn’t being updated and maintained except as a tool to administer zwave and zigbee.

The graphical rule editor of HABmin is not recommended to use.

But you could use “Rule Engine (Experimental)” (installable through PaperUI- Add-ons --> MISC) instead.

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HABmin is deprecated and will be gone with openHAB 3, which is currently in development and is expected to have a first milestone release next month.

PaperUI is also deprecated and will also be gone with openHAB 3. I would not recommend spending any second on creating rules in PaperUI. It’s buggy and incomplete.

In openHAB 3 there will be a new user interface with also a graphical way to create rules. Until then you can still write rules in textual form or test drive openHAB 3 snapshot.

Will the textual rules file(s) be compatible or migrateable to OH3? Then I also recommend to use textual rules!

Textual rules will work in openHAB 3. Both the ‘old’ xbase based and ‘new’, current experimental, rule engine based rules. The latter can also be programmed with scripting, see https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/jsr223.html and isprobably the preferred way of writing rules. This does require to install the (experimental) rule engine. (But avoid using it via PaperUI).

I’ve not had time to do much experimentation with them yet but there is one very subtle difference in how Rules DSL (xbase) rules will work in OH 3 compared to OH 2.5 and before. They will be running on the new rule engine and there is a lock that prevents two instances of the same rule from running at the same time in OH 3. Instead it queues the rule triggers up and works them off a FIFO queue. In OH 2.5 two copies of the rule would be running at the same time.

Many users might depend on the fact that multiple copies of the rule run at the same time, or users may have added complicated logic and the like to deal with the fact that multiple copies of the rule can run at the same time which is no longer needed.

There are almost certainly other places where there will be subtle differences.

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