HABmin and zwave

i have a strange issue with HABmin and 2 of my zwave thermostats (MH8-FC)
recently i added 2 of them into my zwave network and they are working as expected however in the Z-Wave Network Viewer in HABmin they’re showing as not having any connection to the controller or other device :thinking:

im running currently opanHAB 2.2 Build 985 (openHABian)
node 13,20 and 21 are the same type of device. 20 and 21 are the recent added thermostats.

Hello Matt,

the same problem here with the zwave thermostats (stella-z). also any other battery driven device like motion sensor or smoke sensors

No solution here either:

I haven’t seen this problem yet with the development/security version of the binding …

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I found this:

confirmed. I see detached nodes in my map while using the “regular” Z-Wave binding while in the refactored version, the map looks much better (with links to/from all devices)

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ok i will give the refactored version a try. however the MH8 thermostats are not battery driven devices. they are actually used to control my AC and running on 220V

I’m not sure of the relevance, but the quote that @Dim linked above is for all devices - not just battery devices.

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I still have three devices without links in the refactored binding, but I think I had more of them in the regular binding, so the refactored is better, if not perfect.