Habmin broke (Fresh install)

!!! WARNING !!! Absolute n00b here with Z-Wave and home automation!

I just did a fresh install of openhabian 2.2 on my rasberry pi3 and wanted to use Habmin to get down and dirty with everything.

However, when I open Habmin it is completely broke. There is nothing to click and it is just a collection of icons. no text anywhere. Nothing.

I have done a couple of fresh installs and noticed this. Am I missing something here?


With out more details it is hard to say but as a new year you should probably focus on PaperUI instead of Habmin. Habmin is great, even necessary for zwave device configuration, but most of it’s other features are at various points of maturity from pretty good to non functional. Most of the existing docs and tutorials will assume PaperUI as well.