Habmin glitches

Hi all
I am trying to use habmin (great work cdjackson) but I have a couple of glitches:

  • Status keeps toggling from onlne to offline. I have read a reply saying Raspi2 is not powerful enough… is that the reason?
  • Cannot save sitemaps: “error saving…”

Any clue?


Hi anyone with this troubles?

Greetings! The Pi1 or B+ are very slow, but they can even run it. A Pi2 has no problem at all. What errors are you seeing in the logs?

Right! First check then ask.
Tried looking at openhab and events tail but saw nothing special. Which log shall I check?

Hi Nicola,

I have the same issue (error saving) and I guess it might be about user rights?!
When I try to create a new sitemap I get the message “successfully created”, but actually it wasn’t created.

Maybe one of the more experienced members can help?
I would prefer to use habmin rather than editing the config files manually.


I tried to change ownership of files but no luck.
root or pi the result is always the same.
I do not mind editing the files in vi but I would like to use habmin too.
the strnge thing is that items are saved…

If you are talking about saving xx.sitemap configuration files. I have deleted xx.sitemap.new file before starting the server, that fixed “saving error” in habmin.