HABmin graphical rule editor: no items shown (and other issues)

Hello to the community!
I have two issues with the graphical rule editor of HABmin:

  1. No items selectable in blocks
    I created some items to read channel data and send channel commands and want to use them in rules. But when I drag and drop those blocks into the “flow chart” and want to select an item via the dropdown (e. g. in the “get item” block), I just see the dropdown menu entries “item”, “Rename variable…” and “New variable…” but none of my items I created before.
    My question now is: How can I select/assign an existing item in/to a block?

  2. I cannot delete rule source code entries in the rule list shown in the left window
    I don’t know why the rule source code entries are generated and shown in the list. And therefore I want to delete them. I can select them, but when I hit the “Delete” button nothing happens. Even after restarting OpenHAB these rule source code entries are still there.
    My question here is: Can I delete those entries via OpenHAB (and how= or do I have to delete the files in the file system?

Thanks for help


I don’t think the HABmin rules editor was ever properly functional. It won’t be fixed now.

Many people use VSCode with openHAB extension as a rules editor.

As rossko says, I’m not sure it was ever fully functional but if it was, it certainly isn’t now. It still generates OH 1.x style Rules. A lot has changed in the four or five years since then.

I think it put the .rules files into /etc/openhab2/rules so you should be able to delete the files from there, but that’s no guarantee that they deleting the source file will remove them from HABmin.

These days, the only parts of HABmin that are being maintained (to my knowledge) are the Zwave and Zigbee administration parts. The rest is not and hasn’t been updated for years.

The zwave part is not really maintained either. There are some manufacturers supported that show as Unknown in HABmin.


Never heard about this. Screenshot?
HABmin uses the same technology as PaperUI, so you should have that issue in PaperUI as well.

Chris said they were missing in HABmin’s vendor list but he was not worried about it.

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Okay, I missed that one.
My manufacturers are all shown, but those devices are mostly 1-4 years old …

@sihui here is an example from my network. The device is here



I checked all of my devices (around 30) and I am not seeing any unknown entries.
Maybe I’m just lucky.

Or using devices from older European manufacturers. Although OpenHAB has much better support for non-European devices than openzwave there is still a bias toward European devices. The particular example ther only has North American versions.