Habmin - icons

Installed habmin1 and i cannot save any graphs. It requires to assign an icon. But this list is empty. Do i need to put icons.xml somewhere else?

did you install the habmin-addon to the addons folder?

Yes copied that one. Didn’t copy the org.openhab.binding.zwave as already have a newer 1.8.1 version installed.

Ok finally some progress…
Got this in openhab.log
2016-03-03 20:14:01.145 [ERROR] [.o.i.h.s.icon.ItemIconResource] - Error reading XML file -

How can i debug it further?
The file is at least here /usr/share/openhab/webapps/habmin1/openhab/icons.xml

Even deleted most of the entries to make it simple (Had to remove “<” for the forum post)

!-- Icon set configuration for openHAB -->
!-- Short name of this icon set -->
!-- Full label presented to the user -->
description>Standard openHAB icons
!-- Size -->
!-- Author -->
!-- License information -->

<!-- Icon list-->

So i am the only one having problems with this one?

Still trying to get a hold on this one as habmin is unusable without it :frowning:

I had the same issue.
You have to name the directory just “habmin” not “habmin1”.

See the instructions of habmin:

Download the project zip file from GitHub and unzip files in the directory webapps/habmin (you will need to create this directory - note that the directory name must be lower case)