Habmin not letting me add Groups to Items

I decided to do a fresh install of my system and installed the #456 snapshot of OH2 I add HABmin from the UI extensions and it shows me running the 08/30 version. When I add a Zwave thing and create a new item for one of the channels it won’t let me assign groups to that item. I verified that the groups are in my home.items file and I see them if I look at the item list (and they are identifying as groups there).


What actually happens? You can’t type into the box, or what?

Feel free to open an issue on the habmin issue tracker and I’ll take a look - please say what browser etc you’re using.

Thanks @chris. I forget to use that. I’ll move the discussion over there - https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habmin/issues/225

That’s fine - it’s often good to discuss things here first…

Did this get corrected? I am having the same issue.

Hello Guys

I’ve installed OH2 #624 and I have the same issue.
But if I set the groups via PaperUI, I see the groups in HABMIN, but I don’t receive any updates at my items.

Should this be fixed?

Thank you


So I’m running into the same issue here. I’m trying to add some items to specific groups, but I’m not even getting anywhere near what is outlined in the github issues referenced above. I can’t seem to get groups created through PaperUI or HABmin. It just simply shows a Group field with grey text indicating “Select groups …”

This is going to be important for me to be able to configure as I need to start using some groups for some sitemap and habpanel configurations. Trying to do everything manually is gonna be tough. I also have some rules I’m looking to build that are going to be easier and or desired to have groups used for turning off multiple lights at once.

Any progress been made on this issue?

Not sure which version you are using but I’m running the latest snapshot and while Habmin still doesn’t allow groups to be added, PaperUI is working fine for me to add groups to items. Another option would be to edit in the jsonDB items file.

So it sounds like you’re saying it’s not possible to setup an items file and reference items already created?

So I need some sort of a DB editor to adjust or modify the jsonDB items files? And where would this be found? Unfortunately I’ve never dug into the heart of OH2 and the core DB files.

I don’t use HABmin so much, so I don’t know about this group issue. PaperUI works fine for me.
You could create an *.items file with your groups only and use these group names in PaperUI when you edit your items.
It should work. No need to edit manually the JsonDB files.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I’m in PaperUI and trying to modify what I’m assuming you speak of - Parent Groups - is the label on the items. But nothing happens here:

All I can do is type in text, but nothing seems to “enter” it to the item. Return, Enter, click Open Item, etc. Hitting the checkmark to save doesn’t help either. Is it possible I have something that needs to be reloaded or a version of something that needs to be adjusted? I know I’m working with a beta version of the new 2.0 ZWave security binding, but I don’t think that should be affecting PaperUI functionality.

I am also using the beta (sec) Z-Wave binding but this doesn’t (shouldn’t) affect the PaperUI functionality…

Screenshot from just now:

Which version of openHAB2 are you running?
Nothing comes up in the logs (no error or something else)?
I don’t know how to troubleshoot this one… :frowning:

You could try the following (uninstall PaperUI and re-install it)
edit your /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg file and set ui = basic
This will enable only BasicUI and uninstall PaperUI (and every other UI).
restart (optional) OH2 and check: http://<IP>:8080/basicui/app
Then, edit again addons.cfg and set ui = basic, paper (and habmin, habpanel, classic if you want)
Restart OH2 (optional) and check again http://<IP>:8080/paperui/index.html

Hmm ok, so it seems if I populate an items file with the groups, they show up in the interface. But if I try to manually create them from the interface, they don’t get created. Is this expected behavior? Perhaps I wasn’t understanding the functionality properly.

It seems I may be on the right track now, but I just need to manually setup the Items file, then assign the items to the groups afterward.

Do Groups in OH2 support being used in previous as a switch item as well? So that I can switch all of a set of switches in a group off using this?

No, this shouldn’t happen… You should be able to create new Groups from within PaperUI (they are actually Items of type Group)

Yes. You will need to create the Group with Base Type “Switch” and a function (in PaperUI)
In manual (*.items file) mode, they look like:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)	gGF_Lights	"Ground Floor Lights [(%d)]"	(Lights)

Then, you make your simple switch items members of the gGF_Lights group and they switch ON/OFF all together when you toggle the Group Switch in your sitemap

Example from my sitemap (I use 2 separate buttons instead of 1 “master” switch):

Frame {
		Text label="Master Lights Control" icon="light" {
			Switch item=gGF_Lights mappings=[OFF="G.All OFF"]
			Switch item=gGF_Lights mappings=[ON="G.All ON"]

Thank you for the direction. The manual part makes sense, as that’s what I had setup in OH1. PaperUI is a bit new to me so I’m still figuring/working out where everything is done from. I see now I can create a new item manually and set it as a group. That’s nice, since now I know how to create my virtual devices as well! ;o)

It looks like I’m able to create Groups this way. And in this method I can nest groups as well. I’m hoping I can then edit the tags for them in HABmin. This way I can have them recognized with Siri and Alexa.

Is there documentation of the Function setting? I think I get it, but want to read a bit more to better understand those options. Also I don’t think I had this happen before as in the past there was an item created as a switch and dimmer for dimmers - to allow ON/OFF and 0-100 settings as I recall. Since it seems there aren’t 2 items for dimmers now, can I include dimmers in a group with switches as a Switch type? Will this work properly that any value above 0 will = ON and if the dimmers receive an ON/OFF it should just send the normal on/off as PaperUI would already send?

There is some in http://docs.openhab.org/configuration/items.html#group-item-types

I am not sure… (if you can include dimmers in a Group:Switch)… you could try it out :slight_smile:
There is of course a Group:Dimmer Type that you could use.

Check this also: Adding a Dimmer switch ( group? ) in a sub item in a sitemap